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Welcome to Travel Leaders, owned and operated by Goli's Avenues of Travel.  As your local travel experts, we're committed to helping you find the perfect trip, every time. Our company is a blend of leisure, groups & incentives and corporate travel, offering travel management services to corporations across the country ... both large and small. 

Experience and Expertise – Our team of travel experts has many years of shared travel planning experience. We've been to every continent except Antartica and have sailed aboard most of the cruise ships we recommend. Our agency is proud to provide specialists in various destinations and venues. As a result of our experience, expertise and caring, our clients entrust their travel to us - over and over again!                    ______________________________________



Owners - from left:
Rebecca Naugler, Kathy Davig

 Our team of agents . . .  Leisure Department and Corporate Department

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   A b o u t   o u r   a g e n c y  a n d   o w n e r s

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Rebecca Naugler
President, Travel Leaders/Goli's Avenues of Travel



Kathy Davig
Vice President, Travel Leaders/Goli's Avenues of Travel

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